College Football

HERE COMES FALL!!! And with it, college football season.

Personally, this is one of my favorite seasons. I am particularly looking forward to Fall this year because I have missed it the past two years living in Florida. Being back in North Carolina in the Fall means crisp mornings, scarves, sweaters, and cheering on my alma mater on Saturday afternoons. I am an alumna of East Carolina University and live and breathe Pirate Football. My favorite colors are purple and gold and I can’t wait to be back in the stands cheering them on in person this year. I always have season tickets (another Fall favorite I have been missing out on in Florida) and this year is no different.

Some people do not enjoy football or sporting events of any type, but I think there are plenty of things for people who do not particularly care about football to enjoy. More specifically, tailgating. There is always delicious food, fun conversation, and usually even some games (like corn hole and ladder ball) to play while waiting for the teams to kick off. Even if those things do not appeal to you, there is something to be said about the feeling of comradery at sporting events. There are large groups of people cheering passionately for their favorite team, and it is always encouraging to see people unite for a common goal.

At East Carolina, we take special care to be hospitable to the opposing team. We want every person that visits our beautiful campus to feel the warmth of our people. Happy Fall, y’all. And Go Pirates.

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