Child Support Payments

If you have been laid off from your job or you have changed jobs and you now make less than you did when your child support payments were set, you may be able to ask the court to lower your payments. In N.C. child support payments can always be changed regardless of whether you are paying under a court order or by agreement.

The general rule for reducing the amount you pay is that your income must be 15% lower now than it was when the payments were agreed to or ordered. The important thing to do is not get behind in your payments. If you see that you aren’t going to be to able to make your child support payments you need to quickly get an attorney to help you petition the court to modify your payments. Call us at (704) 865-9011 to find out how we can help you.

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Angela McIlveen
CEO/Partner Attorney
Angela McIlveen is a founding Partner Attorney at the McIlveen Family Law Firm. As a partner at the McIlveen Law Firm, she handles cases in family law including child custody and support, divorce, alimony, adoption, separation, domestic violence and equitable distribution. She is often called upon to teach CLE classes to other attorney and to speak at events.

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