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Danielle Walle

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If you want an attorney you can trust, who will always be honest with you, and who is always on your side, I am your person. I am a fighter by nature, but I know that sometimes the best victories are not found in the courtroom. I am an attorney who empowers clients through education to make the best decisions for themselves. If you are someone who wants to know what is happening in your case, what the possible outcomes are, and that you have a fierce advocate in your corner, then let’s see if we would make a great team.

No one really wants to hire a family law attorney and, to be honest, I never thought I would be one. Despite having a lot of family law issues in my past (My father adopted me, my mother adopted my sister, my parents have divorced, and my sister’s special needs led to numerous encounters with social services), I never really wanted to be a family law attorney. My thoughts were that there was too much trauma and sadness. However, I found myself in a family law case and I realized that family law attorneys are the only ones that can protect and guide their clients through the toughest times they may ever have. While it may sound corny, I became an attorney because I wanted to have the greatest impact on people’s lives and I have learned that I can best do that by practicing family law.

My experience has taught me that we all learn to work hard, buy a house with a picket fence, get married, have children and live gracefully into old age. What we don’t learn is what to do when our lives don’t adhere to the plan. Having been competitive my entire life, I’m happy to be able to live my dream of helping people fight for what is right. Some parents help their children nurture their talents through piano or dance lessons, but mine suggested I join the debate team. After debating through high school, at Wake Forest and at the University of Georgia, I finally realized that I could not imagine any career that did not revolve around finding the nuance in an argument and using it for victory; and so, another lawyer was born.

While it may not be clear at first, a great lawyer is not built on debate skills alone; a lawyer’s success also depends on character, competence, and commitment. I recognize that I am helping you make life-changing decisions and I take personal responsibility for my role in every case, regardless of who is involved and the complexity of the case. In my years of practice, I have learned that working hard and winning tough arguments is great, but what my clients really want is to be informed clearly and concisely regarding their case.

My breadth of experience ensures that I can break down a wide variety of complicated issues in a way that will allow you to be educated and confident in your case. My goal is that you will understand the process, how the court may make a decision, and how we will strategize to reach the best possible outcome as efficiently as possible. While I am advocating for you, I am using all of the tools available. I know more than the law; I know how to be creative and make the law work in ways that help you.

When I’m not at work, you will probably find me watching a legal drama (I grew up on Matlock and Ally McBeal and have continued my entertainment choices through The Good Wife and, most recently, Crazy-Ex Girlfriend), playing games (my competitive nature permeates everything I do), at the gym (my talent is in lifting heavy things, but, as a contrarian, I’m trying to love running), at the dog park or spending time with my friends.


  • Avvo Client's Choice 2017


  • North Carolina State Bar
  • North Carolina Bar Association, Bankruptcy Section
  • North Carolina Bar Association, Family Law Section,
  • WDNC Debtor’s Bar Association
  • WDNC Bankruptcy Seminar Planning Committee
  • Western District of North Carolina
  • Middle District of North Carolina
  • Lawyer on the Line
  • Call4All



  • Georgia State University College of Law, JD
  • University of Georgia, BSA, Food Science
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