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Ethan Bruner

Job Title

Hi I am Ethan! At McIlveen Family Law we are here to exceed your expectations. As your legal assistant that's my number one goal. Entering middle school during my parents' divorce was a huge reality check. My entire perspective on my family had changed. After experiencing my biological father leave, at a very young age, I never thought that I would experience it again. I saw security in a family setting with my mother and my step-father. However; Shortly after the divorce I found seeing my parents at different times wasn't as horrible as I had pictured. My family seemed more picture perfect than before, because everyone felt more comfortable. Here at McIlveen that's exactly what this foundation works on. With family comes security and balance, but sometimes two people aren't the best fit to create that balance. As a legal assistant my top priority is to bring your family the balance you deserve.