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Kayla Martin


I was born and raised in Clover, South Carolina. At just five years old, my two older brothers and I were forced to accept the very adult effects of our parents divorcing. As I grew up, this ignited my passion for helping people in any way that I could.

I received my diploma from Clover High School in 2013 and I was unsure of which career path to pursue. I attended York Technical College full time from 2013-2016. After taking multiple courses in Psychology and criminal justice, I realized that my passions lied in understanding people. What I have learned from taking these courses really helps me excel at my job as a market qualifier. My job here at the firm is to listen and guide potential clients when they initially call needing help. I am an asset to the team because I get to be the first person new clients talk to. I get a real chance to understand their situation and get an idea of the ideal attorney for them. By doing this I can ultimately determine the best way for our firm to help new potential clients and in addition, give them a real sense of comfort after our initial conversation.

In my spare time, I enjoy an active lifestyle frequently going hiking and finding new ways to stay fit as well as continually striving to meet my own personal goals in the gym.