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Perianne Louissaint

Job Title
On December 16, 2017, I graduated from Methodist University in Fayetteville, NC. My major is Criminal Justice/Forensic Science, with a minor in Legal Studies. Just to name a few, I was part of the Varsity, Cheerleading Squad, member of the Prelaw Club, Student Court, and American Forensic Science Association. Fun fact, I am also fluent in Spanish! Wanting to study law was not my dream until my Junior year of my undergraduate career. Growing up, I thought I wanted to become a pediatrician but, I wanted to service people in a different way. I made sure to take on a couple of internships to verify that I had what it takes. For two summers, I interned at the Montgomery County Public Defenders Office and the District Attorney’s Office, with the Victim/Witness Coordinator in Montgomery County, Maryland. With having to work with a lot of criminal cases, I was able to step my foot in a couple of situations concerning family matters and grew some interest in family law. Working at McIlveen Family Law Firm, is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I cannot wait to become an attorney one day, like the attorneys here at our firm. Having this opportunity as my first big girl job, I hold this chance close to my heart. With that being said, when a client walks into that office, I hope to have made a positive impact in that person’s life, even if it is just a simple smile, with a hello.


  • B.A. Methodist University