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Rebecca Nelson

I am a seasoned trial attorney with a wealth of experience as a law firm manager and entrepreneur. After law school, I worked for a small firm in Wadesboro, NC before opening my own private practice in Asheville, NC. I practiced in Asheville for the majority of my first ten years as an attorney and focused primarily on family law. My firm experienced steady growth and was well-respected in the mountains. When my family and I relocated to Raleigh, NC I accepted a position with a large firm and focused exclusively on family law. I have represented clients in eighteen counties in North Carolina and appeared in front of at least forty-five different judges. I logged thousands of courtroom hours and now focus on mentoring and supporting the attorneys and staff in the legal department of McIlveen Law Firm in the role of Director of Operations.

When I am not practicing law, I enjoy spending time with my wife, Suzanne, and our two children, Olivia and Nate. Both of our children play sports, and you can find us at their games and activities most weekends. We also have three furry children: dogs – Scout and Lady, and cat – Jinx. I am a self-proclaimed foodie who loves exploring new restaurants, especially those that focus on Asian cuisine. I am also a nomad who loves to travel the world off the beaten path. Recently, I produced my first short film with friends in Raleigh.

My guiding principle in family law cases is to act as captain of my client’s ship as we sail through stormy waters to the bright horizon on the other side. The gorgeous view is worth the hard work and perseverance it takes to weather the storm.

I received my J.D. with honors from Stetson University College of Law. I attended Virginia Commonwealth University and graduated with honors and majored in political science.

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