Adoption in North Carolina

Adoption in North Carolina

In North Carolina, any adult can adopt any child or another adult. Chapter 48 of the North Carolina General Statutes was created to provide “a clear judicial process for adoption, to promote the integrity and finality of adoptions, to encourage prompt, conclusive disposition of adoption proceedings”. The adopting family may pay for some expenses but there are limitations. It’s essential for the adopting party to know what things are allowed by the law before starting with the adoption process. NC also has laws about confidentiality and what particular records can be released.

There are different reasons why people adopt, and in many cases, people adopt children within their extended families. A nephew or a niece may be adopted by an aunt, or a stepchild can be adopted by a stepparent. Foster parents may also adopt the children they have fostered through social services. There are also childless people who choose to adopt children through a private adoption agency.

NC Adoption Process

The adoption process takes place through the court system, and the exact procedures depend on the nature of the adoption which can sometimes make the process complex. Adopting has an impact on your estate and your other children’s inheritance. Although you’re not required to hire the services of an attorney, it’s best to seek legal advice before starting with the adoption process.

If you have questions in mind about the adoption process, whether you’re adopting a child or placing a child for adoption,  contact our office for proper guidance. We are ready to help you throughout the process of adopting either through social services or through a private agency. We can also recommend an experienced family counselor willing to help you in dealing with the adoption process and in providing guidance and counseling services to your children and the rest of your family. At the McIlveen Family Law Firm, we are honored to help unite a child with a new family.

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