NC Child Support FAQ

NC Child Support FAQ

Am I entitled to child support?

Maybe. Child support is calculated by taking into consideration many factors. Specifically, the court will look at the custody arrangement, income of both parties, cost of insurance, and work related child care expenses. Child support is a set formula that is set pursuant to N.C. child support guidelines. As you can see many factors are taken into consideration and every case is different. If you have custody of your child and you think you might be entitled to child support contact our office to schedule a consultation and we can evaluate your specific circumstances and give you more information.

How much will I get or how much will I have to pay?

The amount of child support is based upon the combined monthly income of both mother and father and the needs of the child. Every case is different but it isn’t difficult for us to calculate the amount of child support once we have all of your financial information.

Who decides how much child support is awarded?

Ideally, both mother and father agree on the needs of the child and are able to agree on an amount that supports the child. When parents are able to agree on an amount there is no need for court. This often works best for everyone. When parties are unable to agree, a judge will determine how much child support must be paid. The judge will order the party to pay child support and the party must comply with the judge’s order or face contempt of court.

What if something happens and I can’t afford to pay?

Child support is always open to modification based upon a change in circumstances. If you find yourself having a difficult time paying child support, don’t wait until you are behind on your payments before you seek legal advice. Contact our office now and discuss your situation with an attorney. It might be possible to modify your child support if you have a substantial change in circumstances.

Can I calculate child support myself?

Yes, you can use our free child support calculator to determine what your support award or payment should be. Remember that the calculator only works for cases involving incomes less than $25,000 per month. It is not guaranteed and any calculations should be used for educational purposes only.

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