Representing Men in North Carolina Divorce

Representing Men in north carolina

Representing men in a North Carolina divorce is tough work, considering that one has to contend with existing stereotypes. In any divorce case, traditionally the sympathies are with the woman and often men and fathers do not receive a fair/ level playing field. Such ‘anti-men’ thinking amongst courts and the general public may not be malicious or even conscious, but it is in the past it has been prevalent.

The Need for Specialized Professionals for Representing Men

According to North Carolina law, issues of child custody are decided based solely on the best interests of the child. The law does not favor one parent over the other. Yet most often, everything else being the same, the primary custody of young children is awarded to the mother. People are in general ready to believe (often without proof) when there is charge of abuse brought against men. And in cases where alimony is to be paid by the woman (who may be earning a higher income), the amount decided is lower than it would have been, had the circumstances been reversed. These are some of the reasons why men going through divorce in North Carolina need representation from professionals who have experience in representing men.

Specific Areas Associated with Representing Men

Men may need help in establishing paternity and securing visitation and custody in order to have fulfilling relationships with their children and be part of their lives. In some cases, paternity tests that dis-establish paternity can free men from the obligation of child support for a child they have not fathered.

If the man is paying child support and/ or spousal support and if there have been significant and material changes in the circumstances, he requires legal representation to file for downward modification.

We at McIlveen Family Law Firm have experience in representing men in divorce cases. We will work with you to ensure that you get level playing ground and do our best to protect your interests both financial and paternal.

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