Representing Women in North Carolina Divorce

Representing Women

Representing women in a North Carolina divorce case is a challenging task. Often (though not always), the woman plays the role of the homemaker and is the primary care giver for the children. And when the marriage ends, she suddenly finds herself looking at a future, which is financially insecure. A professional attorney experienced in representing women can work for her best interests. Finding a divorce attorney for women is important to many women who are going through a separation. They often want someone who will understand what is important to them and who will fight to protect their interests. 

Issues Divorce Attorneys for Women

In many cases but not all, the primary custody of the children remains with the mother. The court will generally look at whether mom or dad has been the primary caregiver, and whether one parent’s work schedule is more or less conducive to caring for the children. In order to ensure that the child continues to receive the quality of life he/she was accustomed to, it is necessary for the father to pay child support. A qualified attorney with experience in representing women can help put forth the best terms for child support. And in the case, where the father is not paying child support on time, an attorney can help file a motion for contempt against the father.

In issues of spousal support and property distribution, legal assistance can help ensure necessary spousal support and equitable property distribution for women.

Often during a divorce, the high stress levels and the need to ‘just get through’ with the process quickly may impair a woman’s judgment on these matters. It is necessary to remember these are practical and important decisions and moreover these are legal rights. It is understandable that well-earning women today do not want ‘charity hand outs’ from their ex-partners. But they are entitled to their rights for equal share in the property that was built or acquired during the period of marriage. An attorney representing women can objectively assess these matters and help the client make the right decisions.

We at McIlveen Family Law Firm have considerable experience representing women in North Carolina divorce. We offer services to women in areas such as child custody and support modification, enforcement of child support, equitable property distribution and other associated areas.

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