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Dave Eubanks

Remember how fascinating the prospect of going to the moon was as a child or more recently how advances in nanotechnology are giving way to life changing treatment options in the expanding field of biomedicine? Well what we do here at McIlveen Family Law is not that dissimilar. Instead of rocket scientists developing engine schematics, we have expert attorneys who have mastered the finesse of designing blueprints so our clients have peace of mind that their entire case is structurally sound.

My role in supporting these architects stretches beyond designing and maintaining our technology infrastructure; I provide the tools necessary for them to navigate and succeed in a mission-critical environment. I challenge myself to deliver greater efficiencies by leveraging cutting edge technologies for achieving desired results faster.

Having been raised in the military town of Fayetteville, NC, I quickly developed a desire to serve others. It was later with a little guidance and various projects my parents and I completed around our home when I knew that information technology was how I was going to give back to the community. From there I attended East Carolina University where I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. My journey since has led me from operation support of geographically-dispersed high-speed data subscribers to empowering medical practitioners to better serve their patients by maintaining a computer system spanning eight hospitals and several ancillary offices serving twenty-nine eastern North Carolina counties.

I am thrilled to now be a part of an award-winning team of mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters who all know the value of family and work tirelessly to ensure that yours is at peace, treating them as their own.

When I am not refining my contortion skills in tight spaces to run cables around the office, I enjoy going to parks, cycling, and finding ways to duplicate the adventures of ‘The Magic School Bus’ with my family.

There does not exist a more spectacular group of individuals at any other firm and I encourage you to trust them to do what they do best – navigate life’s convoluted mazes of mystery and place control back into your hands.