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Sean McIlveen

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When I am not in the courtroom, I spend my time working on cars, building custom furniture and remodeling. I grew up in Gastonia, N.C. and graduated from UNC-Charlotte with a B.A. degree. I attended law school at both the University of Houston Law Center and Wake Forest University School of Law. I graduated from the with my J.D. from University of Houston. I am also the author of two books on child custody and I am often asked to speak at events. I am a member of the North Carolina Bar Association and the Gaston County Bar Association and Cabarrus County Bar Association. I am also a Certified Mediator for family financial matters and have conducted mediations for more than 12 years. I frequently mediate cases for attorneys in the greater Mecklenburg and Gaston County areas.

I have practiced family law in the Mecklenburg County area for over 19 years. I have focused my practice exclusively on issues that affect families and all family law issues including child support, custody, alimony, grandparents’ rights, division of property, same-sex couples, estates, wills and adoption. The care that I put into the furniture that I build and my way of representing clients is evidence of my passion for doing things the right way.

I genuinely care about my clients and believe in telling my clients the truth. I feel strongly that educating my clients about the law and making sure my clients understand all of their options is the key to their success in court.

When I am not battling in the courtroom or up to my elbows in grease or sawdust, I enjoy spending quality time with my children and my wife, Angela.

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